10k Mutts


Welcome to the kitchen brigade! 


Chef Boi R Doge Mutts will consist of 14 unique traits with 268 variations; Each individual layer will be loved and cared for with no dog ever looking like they all have the same cloths every 5th NFT like some hidden reveals. 


We are chef dogs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Hosted on an IPFS (InterPlanetary File System, a peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system; so if opensea ever dies your NFT data is safe!). NFT along with  metadata will be loaded onto opensea at time of mint! 

No bonding curve & instant reveal 

we believe in equal opportunity for all to purchase and complete transparency, every dog will be priced at 0.05 ETH if eth is around 4K, 0.025 if is ETH 8k, 0.1 If is ETH 2k; So around 200$ USD. We believe in the value of the art we produce but also want the price to be fair so it is inclusive for the whole NFT community. Every dog is unique and beautiful so we believe there is no reason to hide them! 

Transparent team

Our goal with Chef Boi R Doge isn’t just to get in and get out; We are building a movement of likeminded individuals looking to share their passion for food+dogs, grow as individuals and together. We believe the most important part of this community to be about authenticity, transparency, and longevity.

GIVEAWAY: All OG chef dog owners will receive 1 dog each after mint! Snag them while you can! 1 only each no hogging!










  • 10% sold out 3 dog giveaway 
  • 25% sold 7 dog giveaway 
  • 40% sold out physical giveaway of 4 initial sketches in raffle to holders

  • 50% sold out physical giveaway of original chef dog art in raffle to holders

  • 100% sold out vote on the charity high heat Richie will donate 10% of profits too!


  • Future generative mixed dog project exclusive for dog holders 
  • Future comic project exclusive for chef dog holders
  • a discord channel exclusively for dog holders
  • Community voting on direction and order of important events such as minting new projects and voting on charities for future donations.
  • Exclusive members only merch, print on demand so no supply issues! Log in through MetaMask and then purchase through a secure shopify pay gateway. T Shirts, hoodies, ball caps, bucket hats! 





Richard Forman (AKA) highheatrichie


Richard has always been fascinated with art and doodling. Since he could pick up a crayon he began drawing art, years later this would translate into getting a bachelors degree of graphic design & advertisement from the Alberta University Of The Arts (formerly A.C.A.D). Unfortunately soon after graduation Albertas economy was in a sorry shape. Unable to get a job fresh out of school he continued to pursue his passion of cooking at fine dining restaurants and honing his skills. Iooking for alternate sources of money while working in 2017 he began his foray into finance and crypto currency. Taking in every detail, reading books, taking courses and trying to become a better trader. He knew about crypto kitties and made an account but merely dabbled not knowing they were NFTs hearing about them occasionally on Twitter but not paying much attention. Years later he would start a TikTok for cooking and eventually drawing reigniting his passion for art, videography, and design. What initially started as having fun cooking and making candy In one year exploded; amassing over 99,000 followers 5,400,000 likes and 87,000,000 plus views. Surfing TikTok after posting an anime drawing he noticed something amazing called an opensea.io where you could create and mint your own NFTs. Quickly immersing himself in the NFT world he created Chef Boi R Doge. He loved NFTs but lacked community and reached out for answers on technical questions. He was greeted with open and loving arms from the community from accounts like‪ @chriswahl73 @RizilienceBB and later after accidentally finding her on Facebook @cryptostacys. Richard a fresh noobie in NFT land magically happened to find an old illustration classmate @cryptostacys already an NFT wizard talking about NFTs on Facebook. Thanks too her support and guidance he was able to make it to this point of creating a 10k project and for that he is eternally great full! 

Check out his TikTok here! 

 GenerativeNFTs.io Team: Developers for Sold out Superfuzz Golden Ticket, Superfuzz ("Bad Batch"), PPPandas and Superfuzz ("Good" Monsters) 

Jim Dee

Lead Generative NFTs Developer, CoFounder, and Renaissance man

Jim's first foray into generational NFTs was with his NFTuxedoCat collection of 10,000 unique, programmatically generated Tuxedo cat portraits, unique in their use of photo-realistic elements. A professional web developer for 10+ years, he writes prolifically about NFTs, builds database applications, and helps NFT teams with generational artwork projects. He's considered by many teams worldwide as a leading spokesperson in the generational art coding world. He does not yet own an ape.    Read Jim's full bio


Kelvin Perez

Lead Smart Contract Developer, CoFounder, and dreams igniter

Kelvin is a UI/UX designer and full stack JavaScript engineer with experience in Solidity, Figma, React, TypeScript, Node.js, PostgreSQL, and various development projects within the crypto space. Kelvin's side of GenerativeNFTs.io lies in Ethereum smart contracts, integrations with NFT platforms like OpenSea, and mint-on-demand web site integrations.    Read Kelvin's full bio.



Wendi Dee

Wendi is GenerativeNFTs' CEO, CoFounder, and people lover

Wendi (an OG hacker) is skilled in business development, community building, and bringing creativity to business affairs, and more. As the agency is growing, she's in charge of all business affairs, client communications, sales, marketing, collaborations, partnerships, human resources, accounting, business development, partnerships, and initiatives. She's also a world traveler, studying from master artists all over the globe. Her artistic and marketing perspectives are vital for client engagements. 

Chef Boi R Doge 1/1s


Opensea page for my 1/1s I do customs, collabs, 1/1s of pure, mixed, and mutt breeds all seperate from the 10k project. These were the inspiration for it and I will continue to do custom pure breds in the future also with golden ticket releases, and plan on a mixed breed generative project and a comic!

Heres the hand drawn legacy opensea collection 32 owners! 

Here is my collab with grizzlygod.eth the cryptostacys collab is in the works but she is very busy!