Chef Boi R Doge: OG 1/1s


Chef Boi R Doge hand drawn 1/1s

Opensea page for my 1/1s I do customs, collabs, 1/1s of pure, mixed, and mutt breeds all seperate from the 10k project. These were the inspiration for it and I will continue to do custom pure breds in the future, also with golden ticket releases, and plan on a mixed breed generative project and a comic!

All OG chef dog owners pre launch will receive 1 dog each after mint! *This event is now closed, all legacy dog owners have gotten 1 dog per wallet!*

Chef Boi R Doge OG OpenSea

Chef Boi R Doge 44 Pug Mix Iron Chef Megatron

Mastiff Head Chef Moose 

-Grizzlygod.eth Chef Boi R doge Collab 

Chef Boi R Doge X Hunnys Collab