• 10% sold out 3 dog giveaway. 
  • 25% sold 7 dog giveaway. 
  • 40% sold out physical giveaway of 4 initial sketches in raffle to holders.
  • Will mint these with unlockable physical content for the first owner. 

  • 50% sold out physical giveaway of original chef dog art in raffle to holders.

  • 75% sold out 5 golden tickets for custom dog by hand

  • 100% sold out vote on the charity HighHeatRichie will donate 10% of profits too!



Chef Boi R Doge Comics 

Previous members only NFT airdrop

  • August 29th 2022 Will send these last two weekly airdrops and the comic this week, then switching to a surprise schedule with different assortments of airdrops, including, vip comic still, music, gifs, animations, stop motion, music lessons, music production lessons, cooking lessons and more!
  • This will also allow better pacing for the production and finishing of gen 2, in addition to being able to work with lots of local and web3 talents to make awesome music and other art that we can then give to our loyal holders, first up expect a local music collab in sept/oct :)!
  • The comics 1-10 will be retro'd to all members who missed out on previous issues, but the surprise NFT airdrops will not be given to new members who missed the weeks drop. This rewards early holders with a smaller float providing more digital scarcity.


Chef Boi R Doge: Previous Airdrops 







          • This is a program where the largest holders and first people to get these amounts will be rewarded with a custom comic 1 page cover and 2 pages of comic. You get to pick the name of the main character (could be your twitter handle), the breed, and the general plot (then I make it food related and about dogs, could relate to you irl). 
          • First 1-10 people who own 50 dogs will get a VIP comic, afterwards VIP threshhold increases. 
          • Second 11-20 people who own 100 dogs (can be same opensea profile or combined amounts across multiple) will get a VIP comic, afterwards VIP threshhold increases. 
          • Third 21-30 people who own 150 dogs (can be the same opensea profile or combined amounts across multiple) will get a VIP comic. 
          • There will only ever be 30 custom VIP comics so first come first serve! 

          (Amounts changed to 50,100,150 from 10,50,150, will allow for more time to work on chef dog music and future podcast!)  _________________________________________________________________

          VIP #1: n0b0dy.eth Chef Boi R Doge: Mutts #71-80 (10)

          VIP #2: ebara Chef Boi R Doge: Mutts #161-170 (10)

          VIP #3 Dr___Strange Chef Boi R Doge: Mutts # 179, 182, 220, 244-252 (12)

          VIP #4 Dirty Raver Mutts # 7, 20, 21, 22, 23, 35, 125, 149, 254, 255 (10) 

          VIPS ALSO GET x10 units of monthly comics!


          A discord channel exclusively for dog holders.

          • Community voting on direction and order of important events such as minting new projects and voting on charities for future donations.
          • Exclusive members only merch, print on demand so no supply issues! Log in through MetaMask and then purchase through a secure shopify payment gateway. T Shirts, hoodies, ball caps, bucket hats! 


          100% sold out reinvestment plan

          Chef Boi R Doge: The Animation 

          • Short animated film with a cartoon/anime style approximately 12-22 minutes. Bringing in talented local illustrator alumni from the Alberta University of the Arts; who will be able to work physically in a studio together and have previously worked with HighHeatRichie in school. Also subject to possible animation studio outsourcing in Japan will travel personally and guide the process! 
          • Any additional animators, voice actors, and crew that we need will be hired externally and preferably be a member of the NFT community. This will take some time and be costly but will turn out amazing. The story will continue to dive into the lore of chef dogs and origin stories from the comic series.
          • It will be available to members for free and airdropped to all chef dog owners. If this stand alone series is successful, we have an amazing opportunity to keep the staff around for more episodes, that will then be available to buy on the mint website then OpenSea as a secondary market, with chef dog owners on the whitelist.
          • Think of a potential cartoon series like Adventure Time, Midnight Gospel, blended with simplistic style anime such as Mob Psycho 100, and Scissor Seven. With the financial support of the NFT community, the profits from a sold out project can make the dream of having a Chef Boi R Doge: The Animation come true!

          Chef Boi R Doge: Mixed Breeds

          • Gen 2 mixed breeds available too chef dog owners free plus gas when available to mint. Will be purchasable by non members for 0.1ETH
          • burn or evolve feature for gen 1-2 owners of mutts & mixed breeds will be able to burn or evolve a mutt to get a free gen 3! 

          Real Life Applications

          Chef Boi R Doge: Dinner Banquet

          • Members only cook books, recipes. 

          • Members only private cooking video master classes with highheatrichie, local Canadian chefs, and geust celebrity chefs.

          • Weekly twitter spaces with food & beverage related NFTS, and guest celebrity chefs. Focusing on the future integration and merging of NFTS into the food and beverage industry. 

          • Ticketed members only physical dinner banquet available through Chef "Boi R Doge: Dinner Banquet" NFT tickets. These tickets will range in price from quality and variety of banquet such as, buffet style (cheapest), À la carte (mid grade), coursed tasting menu (highest grade).