Chef Boi R Doge: Mutts

Origin Story 

It all started with a large 11 dog litter… the problem was momma dog only had 10 nipples to breastfeed her puppies. The runt mutt was cast aside by his fellow puppers. Unable to receive ​​sustenance from his mother he had to fend for himself or perish. On the brink of death, the starving puppy managed to find some scraps from an alley behind the dumpster of a restaurant, narrowly escaping the reaper. 

Weeks went by of eating these scraps and the mutt wondered if food would ever start to taste better, but was still grateful to be alive. When not fighting for scraps with alley cats he would watch the chefs cook through the back window of the restaurant. Lonely with no one else to talk to and boredom striking his soul, he continued learning through osmosis through the window of the kitchen.

One day an old man stepped out of the kitchen, we wore a perfectly white uniform without a drop of dirt, and possessed an immense presence; it was none other than the legendary Auguste Escoffier! Hailed as the king of chefs and the creator of the kitchen brigade! He caught the mangy mutt staring in the window and noticed the dog had a peculiar interest in the cooks, thinking nothing of it he came back out with some scraps. He continued to give this same dog scraps for years until he became too old to work, eventually resigning to his home in Monte-Carlo. Seeing the dog was still without a home, he decided to take the dog in as his own and treated him as if he was one of his own children, but never learned of his latent cooking abilities.  

After years of unconscious assimilation and practising composing dishes in the alley with scraps; then with leftovers from the garbage of Escoffier’s house, the once weak runt puppy had grown up into a strong full grown dog. Somehow through an act of magic, the nutrients of the human grade food and Escoffier’s unconditional love manifested a powerful force inside the dog. The dog transcended the form of an animal becoming something much more, with the powerful nose of a dog but the physique and brain of a human. 

He was so excited to share his newfound power with his mother Delphine and his father Escoffier; but couldn't find them. He had been so caught up in his evolution he just realized he had not seen or smelt her in a few weeks. 

On February 12, 1935 everything changed... he noticed an ambulance carting what smelled like his father away. Overhearing the ambulance people he now realized that his mother and father were no longer on this earth. 

Initially overcome by rage and sadness he didn't eat for a week, hiding under the deck of the house not knowing what to do. One dark night tossing and turning in a cold sweat in his sleep, the dog was visited by Escoffier and Delphine in a dream, they told him to continue their legacy of haute cuisine and never give up on his passion. His eyes burst open and he knew what to do. The chef dog opened his own restaurant and took other stray puppies under his wing. Using the kitchen brigade system and the same formula that allowed him to evolve he created a crew of chef dogs, and thus Chef Boi R Doge was born! 

Welcome to the kitchen brigade! Join the discord for raffles & giveaways! 


Chef Boi R Doge Mutts will consist of 14 unique traits with 268 variations; Each individual layer will be loved and cared for with no dog ever looking like they all have the same clothes every 5th NFT like some hidden reveals. 


We are chef dogs stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain 

Hosted on an IPFS (InterPlanetary File System, a peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system; so if opensea ever dies your NFT data is safe!). NFT along with metadata will be loaded onto opensea at time of mint! 

No bonding curve & instant reveal 

We believe in equal opportunity for all to purchase and also the merit of our work, every dog will be priced at 0.05 ETH.

Transparent team

Our goal with Chef Boi R Doge isn’t just to get in and get out; We are building a movement of likeminded individuals looking to share their passion for food+dogs, grow as individuals and as a community. We believe the most important part of this community to be about authenticity, transparency, and longevity.