Richard Forman (AKA) highheatrichie

Artist, Designer, Marketing, and tanghulu fanatic

Richard has always been fascinated with art and doodling. Since he could pick up a crayon he began drawing art, years later this would translate into getting a bachelors degree of graphic design & advertisement from the Alberta University Of The Arts (formerly A.C.A.D).

Unfortunately soon after graduation Albertas economy was in a sorry shape. Unable to get a job fresh out of school he continued to pursue his passion of cooking at fine dining restaurants and honing his skills. Looking for alternate sources of money while working in 2017 he began his foray into finance and crypto currency.

Taking in every detail, reading books, taking courses and trying to become a better trader. He knew about crypto kitties, made an account but merely dabbled not knowing they were NFTs, sometimes hearing about them occasionally on Twitter but not paying much attention.

Years later he would start a TikTok for cooking and eventually drawing reigniting his passion for art, videography, and design. What initially started as having fun cooking and making candy in one year exploded; amassing over 114,600 followers 7,600,000 likes and 140,000,000 plus views.

Surfing TikTok after posting an anime drawing he noticed something amazing called an where you could create and mint your own NFTs. Quickly immersing himself in the NFT world he created Chef Boi R Doge. He loved NFTs but lacked community and reached out for answers on technical questions.

He was greeted with open and loving arms from the community from accounts like‪ @chriswahl73 PUNKS and METAHERO chief artist, who helped him get a proper setup instead of his old wacom tablet and 9 year old mac. Now using procreate, the 2021 ipad pro, and the apple pencil 2 HighHeatRichie was ready to start the 10k. Chris is always willing to answer questions in the middle of the night and critiqe art; @RizilienceBB who helped answer NFT questions and shares a fellow passion for gardening. HighHeatRichie would later go on to collab with him, and has future plans for a members only comic book collab; and last @cryptostacys an old illustration classmate from post secondary at ACAD, after accidentally finding her on Facebook talking about NFTs while surfing the front page; Richard a fresh noobie in NFTs now had the help of an old freind who was already an NFT wizard. Thanks too everyones loving support and guidance he was able to make it to this point of creating a 10k project and for that he is eternally grateful! 

Check out his TikTok here! 


Character Designer, Animator, Illustrator, Drummer, Dungeon Master

Cash is an Alumni of Alberta University of Arts (AUA) alongside Richard Forman.

As a creator with a short-attention span, Cash manages to share his creativity for a multitude of outlets.

Animating for studios, Character Designing for Comics, Children's Books and NFT Development. Graphic/Logo Design for start-ups, t-shirts and misc. merchandise.

When he's not creating Cartoon content. Cash can be found blasting diarrhea beats as the drummer for local grindcore band "PUBLIC NUDITY." Or running a series of Dungeons and Dragons campaigns to edge his lust for a Total Party Kill.

As of Summer 2021, Cash has directed his cartoon style and artistic passion into the Tattoo Industry and vows to bring his art to life for all the hardcore fans of sci-fi, fantasy, cartoons, and the deliciously macabre.

Instagram Team: Developers for multiple sold out projects and a few even verified on OpenSea!

Jim Dee

Lead Generative NFTs Developer, CoFounder, and Renaissance man

Jim's first foray into generational NFTs was with his NFTuxedoCat collection of 10,000 unique, programmatically generated Tuxedo cat portraits, unique in their use of photo-realistic elements. A professional web developer for 10+ years, he writes prolifically about NFTs, builds database applications, and helps NFT teams with generational artwork projects. He's considered by many teams worldwide as a leading spokesperson in the generational art coding world. He does not yet own an ape.    Read Jim's full bio


Wendi Dee

Wendi is GenerativeNFTs' CEO, CoFounder, and people lover

Wendi (an OG hacker) is skilled in business development, community building, and bringing creativity to business affairs, and more. As the agency is growing, she's in charge of all business affairs, client communications, sales, marketing, collaborations, partnerships, human resources, accounting, business development, partnerships, and initiatives. She's also a world traveler, studying from master artists all over the globe. Her artistic and marketing perspectives are vital for client engagements.